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Hang On!
Greenfields also teaches you the Art of Doing Nothing
– just lounge in one of our many hammocks.

A retreat for Peace & Quiet – two words that sum up your stay with us.

Nestled under a canopy of 4 acres of mango trees, Greenfields Resort is situated a short 40 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Take a leisurely walk, sit by the Pool, play a board game under a mango tree, a bullock cart ride or bicycle ride with your children, a meeting with your colleagues, a barbeque by the pool side or simply enjoy a meal – whatever it is that you want to do, Greenfields Resort is an avenue for all & everything.

Greenfields, since 1998 has also been the preferred destination for Medical convalescence. Ideally located - 30 minutes from some of the best Medicare facilities in Asia, many families have chosen us.